It Is Time to Erase OMS Acronym From Your Dictionary

As I still see people confused and not informed about OMS I’ve decided to write this blog post and lay my thoughts around the end of OMS.
If you are not sure what is OMS that is ok and you do not necessary need to know but if you are curious you should check out my blog post What is OMS and a Brief History of It. At Ignite 2018 Microsoft probably announced the last major change related to OMS. This was announced on the Azure blog and at Ignite session. To put it in short Log Analytics (which is in 99% what people refer to when they say OMS) is part of Azure Monitor. In Azure Monitor you might see it being called just Logs for short. But besides that there are actually way more changes some of which happened at Ignite others were happening for quite some time.

There are a lot more announcement but these are some of the most notable ones. You will notice that there aren’t Backup and Site Recovery announcements. This is just because those services were part of the OMS bundle (E1 and E2 SKUs only) but never integrated in OMS portal or part of OMS per node license. Most of these changes were announced in advance and offered dual experience without immediately cutting the legacy path. For example you can still use OMS per node, E1 and E2 SKUs, OMS Portal will still be available for several months, many of the features present in the old Log Analytics search experience are present in the new one (though there are still some left to tackle before full deprecation), etc. Essentially services like Azure Automation and Log Analytics became like a platform for other services or they can be a platform for your own custom services. Over time we saw a few more services appear like Azure Policy, Azure Cost Management, Azure Resource Graph, etc. that basically complete the picture of Management not only in Azure but on-premises and other clouds.

Azure Management
Azure Management

Image by Microsoft Docs

With that said I think it is time to scratch the OMS acronym from your dictionary and start using the correct technical words and acronyms so we can understand better each other.

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