Get-SCOMManagementPacks 4.4

I’ve just released the latest version of this script you can find at GitHub. There is just a small fix provided by Lynne Taggart in this release. Basically Microsoft changed the layout of their download page once again so we needed a slightly different logic to pull the MP version and publish date information.

Free E-book: Inside the Microsoft Operations Management Suite

For the past couple of months I’ve been a little bit quiet on my blog. The reason for this is that I was participating in something special for you. Continue reading “Free E-book: Inside the Microsoft Operations Management Suite”

Free online training event: SCU in America January 19th

Are you or your colleagues and clients interested in a free day of training on System Center and other Microsoft technologies? If so, I highly recommend that you check out SystemCenterUniverse for the January 19th event. For background, this is an event is streamed live so it is available to be seen literally anywhere in the world with internet connectivity.   Continue reading “Free online training event: SCU in America January 19th”

Windows 10 Universal App for

Microsoft has a service that allows you to create Windows 10 apps called Windows App Studio. Recently that service enabled easier creation of Windows 10 app with WordPress content. This allowed me to create Windows 10 universal app of my blog. It is simple app that makes viewing the content of the blog post easier on smaller devices. If you want to use it the app is located in Windows Store and can be found by clicking on this link.

OneView for System Center (OV4SC) 8.0

There is a new release on HPE Storage Integrations with Microsoft System Center. This new release is called OneView for System Center (OV4SC). It was formerly known as HP StoreFront Manager for System Center.

Key Highlights: Continue reading “OneView for System Center (OV4SC) 8.0”