Optimizing Your Log Analytics Logs Blade

Microsoft recently release the new Logs experience with this also removing the link to the Advanced Analytics Portal which was separate portal. My friend and fellow MVP Stefan Roth opened a e-mail discussion to some of us asking if there is a way to reach his workspace again from the Advanced Analytics Portal as that portal offered cleaner experience where Logs is a little bit cluttered due to being general portal for Azure services. I had some tips on how to use better the Logs experience in Azure Portal and my friend and fellow MVP Cameron Fuller thought that we should share this with the community thus this blog post.

So you want to work better in the Logs experience for longer time it is best to collapse all other blades in your path:

Log Analytics Logs Experience

In this screenshot I even collapsed the Schema/Filter menu. Remember you can also access logs from Azure Monitor for easier access. Currently you cannot pin the Logs experience to Azure dashboard but I hope one day that will be possible as well for faster access.

I hope this tip was useful for you!

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