Deleting Custom Table from Azure Log Analytics

If you are familiar with Log Analytics you will know that you can delete custom field/column directly from the UI as you can see below:

Custom Field Delete

For example I can delete custom field _ResourceId_s for MyLog0001_CL table. That option has been there for quite some time. A couple of years ago an API was made available so you can delete specific data from a table. This was also know as the purge API. The purge API is basically deleting data based on KQL query. With these APIs you could delete specific fields and data but the table that was created by custom log will still be in the Log Analytics.

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Audit Tags on Azure Subscriptions

I have been away for a while but now I am back again. As always this blog post will cover Azure services, particularly Azure subscriptions, tags, Azure Policy and ARM Templates.

Azure recently introduced the possibility to assign tags on Azure Subscriptions. Currently the full support for that is still in progress but there are few things possible currently like:

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Speaking at Azure Virtual Day

On 31st of March I will be bringing session for Azure Virtual Day. The title of the session is Tips and Tricks on Azure Monitor Alerts. I will go through the different types of Azure Monitor alerts and will share my insights on using those. You can check the full schedule of the event from the link below:

Azure Virtual Day Schedule

Azure Virtual Day

Azure Monitor Alert Series – Part 5

Another week another part of the Azure Monitor Alert series. This part put the end of alert based on Azure Activity log. Today we will have a look at:

  • Autoscale Alerts
  • Resource Health Alerts
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What is Azure Schema?

Recently I’ve published blog post Subscription Level Deployment Schema. When I published it I was not aware that not so many people know what the schemas are used and needed for. With this blog post I want to address this.

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