Updated MP: HP Storage Integration with Microsoft System Center

HP is continuing to improve the experience with HP products and System Center. The latest version  of HP StoreFront Manager for Microsoft System Center is now available. That includes HP Storage Management Pack for SCOM v.4.1 and HP Storage UI Add-in for SCVMM v2.1. The key highlight of this release is the enablement of Software Defined Storage (SDS) footprint in Hyper-V environment through SCVMM. The solution radically simplifies the transformation of existing server capacity into virtual storage through the new integrated HP StoreVirtual deployment wizard for Hyper-V.

HP has enabled the SCVMM based StoreVirtual VSA deployment on Hyper-V hosts and automatic configuration of the management groups and clusters, fully utilizing the best practice recommendations from StoreVirtual VSA. Along with this, HP has also enabled an in-depth discovery and health monitoring of StoreVirtual storage arrays and VSAs through HP Storage Management Pack for SCOM:


In summary, the high level user stories delivered are as below:

  1. Deploy multiple StoreVirtual VSAs on Hyper-V hosts and auto-configure the StoreVirtual Management Groups and clusters through SCVMM

2.  Link and launch CMC from the same SCVMM console for advanced provisioning

  1. Monitor the deployed StoreVirtual VSAs in the data-center for the health of physical, logical and virtual (VSA) infrastructures

Full description and download you can find here.

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