Azure RemoteApp: Error: DNS server could not be reached

As I’ve mentioned before I am in process on extending my scope. Part of that scope is Azure RemoteApp. So I’ve been exploring Hybrid Deployment and my setup is basically the same described here. So I had this deployment for than a month but recently when I tried to update my deployment with new image I was receiving similar error:

Error: DNS server could not be reached.

Meanwhile the currently deployed image was working with current hosts without any issues on the RemoteApp service.

As I didn’t had any critical data on my deployment I’ve deleted and I’ve tried to create a new one with the same virtual network I was using before. When I’ve started the deployment after some time it failed and the following error appeared:

Error: DNS server could not be reached

Simple search over Internet lead me to other people having the same issue. So although my previous deployment was working I was suspecting that the routing between my Azure RemoteApp VNET and my Azure VNET was not working. As I do not have direct access to these services and my data was not critical I’ve decided to change the configuration of the Azure RemoteApp VNET. As long you do not have RemoteApp deployments attached to the Azure RemoteApp VNET you can change its configuration. I’ve changed the DNS server which was configured in the RemoteApp VNET. This change actually resulted in complete new deployment of the VNET. As the RemoteApp VNET basically represents RRAS gateway and settings for Virtual Network this whole configuration takes around 10 to 30 mins for deployment. As I didn’t want to reconfigure my DNS server in Azure and the Azure RemoteApp VNET was deployed with the new configuration I needed to go trough the whole process all over again to return my old DNS server setting. When the Azure RemoteApp VNET was re-deployed for second time I’ve went to my Azure VNET and I’ve reconfigured the S2S VPN again as my Azure RemoteApp VNET had new gateway IP and passphrase. After this last part was done and my Azure RemoteApp VNET was again connected to my Azure VNET by S2S VPN I was able to deploy new hybrid deployment with my new image.

If you have Azure RemoteApp VNET connected to on-premise network with S2S VPN I would try to reconfigure the on-premise S2S VPN device although I am not sure it will help you. This is of course if you do not want to delete your current RemoteApp hybrid deployment. As the service is in preview issues are expected and you can try to contact the Azure RemoteApp guys to help you with this issue. Keep in mind that the service will soon be able to use VNETs in Azure and you do not have to create separate VNET in Azure RemotApp.

Hope this helps you.

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