Free Book: Inside Azure Management v3

For the last several months Pete Zerger, Tao Yang, Kevin Greene, Anders Bengtsson and me have been working hard to update Inside OMS book. With the latest changes we are now on version 3 of the book and with new name: Inside Azure Management

Inside Azure Management Book Cover

Big part of the content and the scenarios were completely re-written. We did it to make sure the book is still relevant and content is fresh. We also tried to make the book more scenario based allowing us to focus on the important parts of Azure Management and avoid writing about parts that are already well documented by Microsoft. All this was not easy tasks but we have managed to up our game and produce this version faster than previous ones. This book remains the one and only free book that is focusing on Azure Management. As with previous books this one is also completely free to download. Paper copies will follow soon. Go and grab your free digital version.

You might notice that we have Preview tag for the book so please send questions, comments or errata to

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