SCVMM and Windows Azure Pack Surveys

I would like to bring you two survey that you should fill in:

How SPF and WAP Make Tenant Separation for VM Clouds Resource Provider

Lately I’ve been exploring and challenging my self with some DevOps. Got to follow the trend. It is not something deep but you have to start from somewhere. Let’s get started: Continue reading “How SPF and WAP Make Tenant Separation for VM Clouds Resource Provider”

Updated: Hybrid Cloud with NVGRE (Cloud OS) Whitepaper V5

Our whitepaper received a new version (version 5) and now more looks like a book. Book is not the right word in these modern times so I will call it Whitepaper as a Service (WaaS). We’ve included the Windows Azure Pack (WAP) experience in it. The reason for that is because if you build your Hybrid Cloud you need a front end that your customers can see and what better way than using Windows Azure Pack. No other words are necessary just grab the latest version from here and start reading.

Windows Azure Pack Update 1

Windows Azure Pack also received an update like System Center 2012 R2. The following issues are fixed: Continue reading “Windows Azure Pack Update 1”

Evaluation Guide for System Center 2012 R2 and the Windows Azure Pack

If you want to try out Windows Azure Pack for Windows Server but you do not know from where to start here is a good guide from Microsoft. Download it from here.