Linear or Logarithmic View for Performance Data in OMS Log Analytics?

As you may have noticed in OMS Log Analytics for performance data you can now choose between linear or logarithmic view.


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Operations Management Suite – Performance Monitoring

OMS today released a new feature Performance monitoring. Not sure if that is the official name but basically allows you to gather performance data from servers by adding performance counters.

The feature is located under Logs as it represents different king of log gathering. Keep in mind that this performance data gathering feature is different than the Capacity solution. This feature does not require SCOM-VMM integration and works with agent-only connected computers. Continue reading “Operations Management Suite – Performance Monitoring”

PowerShell Script to Retrieve Performance Data from SCOM

SCOM 2012 doesn’t offer cmdlet that retrieves performance data but a script made from Brian Wren offers that. The script has several parameters that can be used but you can download and find more about the script directly from MSFT TechNet Gallery.