Using Infrastructure Servers in VMM 2012 R2

Infrastructure Servers is a new feature in System Center 2012 R2 Virtual Machine Manager. You can read about this feature here but besides what you can read there let’s look at the feature more visually. Continue reading “Using Infrastructure Servers in VMM 2012 R2”

Patching Windows Server 2012 Clusters with SCCM

I am sure everybody has faced the challenge with patching clusters. In Windows Server 2012 we have the feature Cluster-Aware Updating to help us with applying software updates. Unfortunately if you use SCCM for patching you will probably continue using it even for 2012 clusters because you’ve already have some process in place and this new feature is no use, at least at first look. When you want to consolidate the work of two or more tools SC 2012 Orchestrator comes to the rescue. That is what Neil Peterson from MSFT have done and provided Cluster patching runbooks that leverage Windows Server 2012 Cluster and System Center 2012 Components. I haven’t tested them but feel free to test them and drop some comment here or in this page where you can download them..

Tool to Monitor Software Updates Deployment on Servers via SCCM 2012

Roger Zander the author of SCCM Client Center tool has released a new tool designed to help you during deployment of software updates. The tool gets a brief overview of status of the servers during patch deployment – Reboot pending, Updates missing, Install running, Users online and etc. The only downside of the tool is that it uses 4 of the 5 default WinRM connections to a server but you can change that with group policy. Keep in mind that no support or warranties are also provided. Requirements of the tool and download link you can find here.

Automating Patching Hyper-V clusters with SCVMM, SCOM and WUInstall

To automate the patch process is one of the demands to achieve Private Cloud. Of course because of the many dependencies in the different environments that is not completely possible. But this automation can be started from the Hyper-V clusters. On the link below you will find script created by Jason T. Ruiz that automates the patching process using SCVMM, SCOM and WUInstall. Click on the link and patch.