Checking PowerShell Remoting on computers via Orchestrator

Here is an interesting article which shows you how to build runbook for checking of PowerShell Remoting Policy. Check Orchestrator team blog article titled Quick Tip: Checking PowerShell Scripting Abilities on a Computer”.

Different ways of extending SCSM CMDB

If you want to find out more ways on how to extend the CMDB of SCSM check this article: Extending Service Manager 2012 CMDB Automation and with System Center 2012 and PowerShell.

Automation in the Private Cloud with System Center Orchestrator (former Opalis)

One of the key features of the Private Cloud is the automation. The automation gives the opportunity to automate process like Incident Management and Request Management and to focus more on proactive actions than or reactive actions.Christopher Keyaert gives us a very useful session on “How to build you first runbook” with System Center Orchestrator 2012. The session is level 200 according to me but is more than enough to learn the basics of System Center Orchestrator. After you learn the basics you can grab the evolution version of that tool and start practicing to go deep in that technology and become an expert. Click on the link below and watch.