Update KB2585542 causes HP OpenView connector for SCOM not send alerts to OMU server

Once again I’ve stumbled on another interesting SCOM issue. First here is the environment:

SCOM01 – RMS server, HP OpenView connector service – Active

SCOM01 – MS server, OpsMgr DB, DW DB, Report server, HP OpenView connector service – Passive

OMU01 – HP Operations Manager for Unix server

SCOM01 is sending alerts to OMU01 via HP OpenView connector. After patching SCOM01 and SCOM02 the connector service stops sending alerts to OMU01. When the following command is ran on SCOM01:

winrm identify –r:OMU01:1270 –auth:basic –u:username –p:password –encoding:utf-8

HTTP error 501 is given. I’ve found similar issue with communication with Unix/Linux servers:


As SCOM is using winrm for communication with Unix\Linux and connectors the resolutions is the same:

  1. Uninstall the update KB2585542 
  2. Make a registry modification to disable the SecureChannel changes implemented in the update
  3. Modifying the registry to disable the SecureChannel changes:

    A “FixIt” package is available in the KB article under the Known Issues section that can be used to disable the security update
    Alternatively, you can add the 32bit DWORD value:
    SendExtraRecord = 2

After implementing those changes the connector started to work properly again.

Another case solved.