Operations Management Suite – Wire Data Solution

Wire Data solution has been in Coming Soon status for some time but now it is available for all.

You will find it in the Solution Gallery where you can enable it: Continue reading “Operations Management Suite – Wire Data Solution”

New Free Book: Microsoft System Center: Building a Virtualized Network Solution

There is a new free e-book from Microsoft. You can only gain knowledge if you read it. Download it from here.

Microsoft Message Analyzer is available for download

Microsoft Message Analyzer is the successor of Microsoft Network Monitor. There are a lot of improvements in the new version but one of the one most important to me is that it will work with NVGRE traffic. Download it from here.

Simulate monitoring of network devices with Jalasoft by Kevin Holman

Very good article by Kevin Holman if you plan to test network devices monitoring in SCOM.

Poster: Networking in Virtual Machine Manager

If you are confused with VMM 2012 Networking in SP1 there is a new poster on the horizon that will help you:

  • Plan your VMM networks using a logical view of VM networks, logical networks, and logical switches using a variety of configurations including VLAN-based configuration, no isolation, network virtualization, external networks, and with no virtual networking.
  • Configure networking in VMM using configuration steps by roles including fabric administrators, tenant administrators, or by any user.
  • Understand the network object model with diagrams of objects showing the relationships between objects.
  • Extend VMM with options including using a vendor network-management server with extensions, connect a VM network to other networks by configuring the VM network with a gateway, and load-balance requests to VMs that make up a VMM service tier by adding a load balancer to VMM.


Grab it from here.