Kemp LoadMaster Monitoring Management Pack (Community MP)

Recently I was looking how to monitor Kemp LoadMaster devices with SCOM. I was able to discover them trough SCOM as Network Devices but that was the only thing and it was not enough. Fortunately fellow MVP Daniele Grandini decided to help me and develop Kemp LoadMaster Management Pack. He was the main driver for this MP to exists as he was the main developer and I’ve took the task of testing it and fixing some small bugs that we’ve encountered. This is initial version of the MP and contains some know issues some of them are due to kemp loadmaster others are internal for the MP. Consider this version somehow as beta as we have some plans to re-write the MP in the future if we can. You will find the MP here along with some documentation. You can log any feedback you have on the Codeplex page.

System Center Operations Manager 2012: Network Devices with Extended Monitoring Capability

This very useful document was updated to reflect SP1 of SCOM 2012. You can check the supported devices for monitoring here.

Managing Resource Pools in Operations Manager 2012

If you are using SCOM 2012 to monitor network devices that means you have to use resource pools. In order to create resource pool for network device you have to change the setting of the other default resource pools (Notifications Resource Pool, AD Assignment Resource Pool and All Management servers resource pool). These polls have to be set from automatic membership to manual for a certain reasons. Find these reasons and how to change the settings of these resource pools in an article titled Automatic and Manual Resource Pools in Operations Manager 2012  by Cameron Fuller.

Adding Network Device monitored by SCOM in SCSM CMDB as CI

If you are using Operations Manager with Service Manager you probably sync the CMDB of SCSM with configuration items discovered by SCOM. This can be achieved by a series of steps that have to be executed in order to implement this solution. Cameron Fuller wrote a post on how to do that for Network Devices but the principal applies to almost any other Configuration items discovered by SCOM. Read the full article here.

Recommended steps before adding network devices for monitoring in SCOM 2012

Cameron Fuller published a nice article with 7 steps you should perform before starting monitoring of Network Devices. Executing these steps will save you a lot of time in troubleshooting later. This is a must read article and can be found here.