Windows PowerShell Crash Course by Don Jones and Jeffrey Snover at TechEd

This is one of the coolest sessions on TechEd. It is not high technical level but Don and Jeffrey really know how to lead a session and make the audience laugh and have a good time. I recommend watching this session and you can find it here.

Interviews with Mark Russinovich and Jeffrey Snover

As you probably know Mark is my idol in the IT industry and there is a reason for that: creator of Sysinternals tools, a key figure behind the success of Winnows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2 and last but not least a key figure in what Windows Azure is. So here are 1 session and two interviews with Mark:

The last session is with Jeffrey Snover (the creator of PowerShell). He is also very interesting person. Here is the interview:

Customer Experience Improvement Program explained and how you can benefit from it

In a new article on Windows Server blog Jeffrey Snover explains in details how CEIP works, what is being collected, how you can benefit from it and what is improved in the program in Windows Server 2012. Read all about it here