Report Deployment Error After Updating VMM Management Packs with 2012 R2 Update Rollup 3

It is the last day of the year but it is not too late for a new blog post. When applying Update Rollup for System Center 2012 R2 I’ve encountered an issue when updating the VMM Management Pack and I’ve blogged about it in my tips. Continue reading “Report Deployment Error After Updating VMM Management Packs with 2012 R2 Update Rollup 3”

Configuring SQL Analysis Services for Virtual Machine Manager 2012 SP1 with Static Port Resulted in an Error

Reporting in System Center 2012 Virtual Machine Manager is achieved trough the integration with OpsMgr 2012. In order to run some of the VMM reports that have forecasting you have to configure the VMM to SCOM integration to use SQL Analysis Services instance. This instance should be the same instance with Reporting Services for SCOM. So I’ve installed SQL Analysis Services on the same instance with Reporting Services for SCOM. It is not the default instance on the server so I’ve configured SQL Analysis Services to use a specific static port instead of using a dynamic one (I like using static ports for SQL servers Smile ). I’ve opened the VMM console. Went to settings, than System Center settings and I’ve opened the properties of Operations Manager Server. Click on the SQL Server Analysis Services tab and entered the SQL server name, the SQL instance, the port that I had set and the credentials to connect. To my surprise I’ve received and error to my surprise I’ve received an error message:

The SQL Server Analysis Server %ComputerName; is not reachable.

I’ve opened CMD and checked if there is a connection to the SQL server and the port via Telnet. Connection was OK. Than I’ve replaced the port with 0 and connection was successful. SQL Analysis Services were configured successfully. To me this is a bug and I will try to log it.


System Center 2012 Integration Guides

With System Center 2012 the different products of the family became components. This was not just changing of words. This change has the goal to tip that all components come in one license and that their integration is way better compared to the previous versions. To help us leverage that integration community project created Integration guides for System Center 2012 components:

The purpose of the Integration Guide is to provide an overview of each System Center component in its role as a programmable platform to be leveraged for the Microsoft Private Cloud.  It is intended to provide an abstraction layer that guides partners and customers on their decision process for methods to build automated solutions across System Center components and between System Center and other systems.

Change Calendar in Service Manager with Orchestrator and Exchange

Out of the box Service Manager doesn’t have a change calendar but Anders Bengtsson how quick and easy it is to create such with integration tool like Orchestrator and a service like Exchange. In order to build the solutions you can follow thee steps here.

Integrating public and private clouds with AppController by Daniele Grandini

Another great article by Daniele Grandini titled “Integrating public and private clouds with AppController”. In the article he shows how to connect to Windows Azure and move virtual machine from SCVMM to Windows Azure and vise versa.