What is Azure Schema?

Recently I’ve published blog post Subscription Level Deployment Schema. When I published it I was not aware that not so many people know what the schemas are used and needed for. With this blog post I want to address this.

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Subscription Level Deployment Schema

Not so long ago in Azure we only had resource group level deployment but a couple of months ago subscription level deployments were implemented. On resource group level we deploy resources like Azure VMs, Service Apps, Azure SQL databases, etc and on subscription level we deploy policy definitions and assignments, resource groups (yes they are resource as well), custom RBAC roles, etc. Because of that it the schema in the ARM templates for resource group and subscription level deployments is different. This is something I haven’t thought about it around the excitement of this new deployment method but my good friend Kristian Nese tipped me. So here are the schemas you should use depending on your deployment:

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ARM Templates for Service Map Dependency Agent Deployment

Yesterday Dave announced that there is a new Azure VM extension that deploys the Service Map Dependency Agent. The example provided was only for PowerShell so it was natural that we need ARM template as well. Continue reading “ARM Templates for Service Map Dependency Agent Deployment”

Automating the Deployment of SC 2012 SP1

System Center 2012 contained the Unified Installer tool but that tool was not updated for Service Pack 1. The tool was mainly used for deployment of labs for SC 2012. As the tool was not update for SP1 there is alternative PowerShell Deployment Toolkit. This alternative is actually a set of scripts that will help you with deploying SC 2012 SP1 from the download of the evaluation versions and all prerequisites till the actual installation. The scripts are made in such way that with some modifications can be used for deployment of other software. Download links and more detailed description can be found in these two articles:

Tool to Monitor Software Updates Deployment on Servers via SCCM 2012

Roger Zander the author of SCCM Client Center tool has released a new tool designed to help you during deployment of software updates. The tool gets a brief overview of status of the servers during patch deployment – Reboot pending, Updates missing, Install running, Users online and etc. The only downside of the tool is that it uses 4 of the 5 default WinRM connections to a server but you can change that with group policy. Keep in mind that no support or warranties are also provided. Requirements of the tool and download link you can find here.