Microsoft continues the battle with VMware with more videos from MVA about SC 2012 SP1 and Hyper-V

Uploaded just a minutes ago there are new videos from MVA on TechNet. The videos compare Microsoft technologies with VMware technologies. Previous MVA released such course with videos where Hyper-V was compared with ESXi and vSphere. Now we can see the same approach with Microsoft Private Cloud over the VMware vCloud compare and by Microsoft Private Cloud it is meant freshly released System Center 2012 SP1:


Obviously Microsoft is determined to win this battle or at least to show that they are all in the Private Cloud.

More videos were added to compare Hyper-V with VMware vSphere 5.1:

How VMware calculate cost per application compared to Microsoft

There is a published article titled “VMware (finally) admits that its costs are higher than Microsoft’s” on Microsoft Server and Cloud blog. If you are VMware fan you probably will not believe any word in it but if you are impartial you can make up your own conclusions.

Find Missing Hotfixes on Cluster Nodes with PowerShell

Rick Bergman a Microsoft PFE created nice and powerful script that generates report and shows missing patches on nodes of a cluster. You just have to enter the cluster names and the script will find all nodes, compare hotfixes and generate a nice report. Download and find more on the script here.

Microsoft vs. VMware in survey battle

There is an interesting article published on Server & Cloud blog at Microsoft titled Survey data in NetworkWorld says: Watch out VMware, because Microsoft is coming. The whole article is full of statistics about a survey taken at VMworld 2012 and the result are quite interesting.

VMware Users are vTax free… power to the customers

It seems the top 3 news from VMworld 2012 are:

  • vTax is removed
  • vTax is removed
  • vTax is removed

For me this decision comes a little bit too late but better late than never. As soon as I saw this news I cannot get out of my mind that somehow Microsoft contributed a lot for this to happen. For a long time VMware denied that Microsoft and Hyper-V are competitor and this wasn’t the best strategy. And now with this decision we know officially that VMware are looking at Microsoft as their primary competitor. Of course statements like this VMware: Microsoft’s “Good Enough” Approach Isn’t Good Enough will continue to emerge simply because this is a marketing game also. But lets take that statement and pretend it is true – VMware products are far far superior than Microsoft’s ones. In such case VMware is beating Microsoft at technology level but they still loose at price level even without vTax and what business looks when it buys a solutions is the Return of Investments and in most business scenarios Microsoft is the winner against VMware for a various reasons.

I personally like most of  VMware’s products and they are very good products but some of them come at a high price which can be a show stopper. It is good that they finally realized that nobody likes vTax and I am giving them thumbs up for that. As they now recognize Microsoft as competitor this could bring a lot of benefits to the users for both product because better than competition is the good competition.

Lets the battle begin.