Kemp LoadMaster Monitoring Management Pack (Community MP)

Recently I was looking how to monitor Kemp LoadMaster devices with SCOM. I was able to discover them trough SCOM as Network Devices but that was the only thing and it was not enough. Fortunately fellow MVP Daniele Grandini decided to help me and develop Kemp LoadMaster Management Pack. He was the main driver for this MP to exists as he was the main developer and I’ve took the task of testing it and fixing some small bugs that we’ve encountered. This is initial version of the MP and contains some know issues some of them are due to kemp loadmaster others are internal for the MP. Consider this version somehow as beta as we have some plans to re-write the MP in the future if we can. You will find the MP here along with some documentation. You can log any feedback you have on the Codeplex page.

PKI Certificate Verification MP – Version now available for download

This management pack come from the community. Authors of the pack are Raphael Burri, Pete Zerger and Jaime Correia. Basically the MP monitors if certificate will expire in your environment. Changes in this version:

  • Corrected a discovery bug that would hit when a server’s locale was non-US and CA certificates were found in the store.
  • Fixed some spelling issues in display strings
  • Verified OpsMgr 2012 compatibility

Read more about this MP and download it here.

Note: Remember this is community MP and Microsoft doesn’t provide support for this MP.

System Center Community sites and resources

Travis Wright published an Wiki page with the most popular sites of System Center community. Find them here.

Several UE-V Templates

Soon after UE-V was announced by Microsoft the first UE-V templates started to appear. Like almost every Microsoft product it seems that the community will be strong for this one too. Here are the templates available and from where you can download them:

    Extending Hyper-V monitoring in System Center Operations Manager

    The Hyper-V Management pack provided by Microsoft is very good management pack but it has some disadvantages like offering only basic rules and monitors for Hyper-V. If you looking to extend your Hyper-V monitoring in SCOM 2007/2012 there is solution. You can find in the CodePlex community website. Click on the link and download.