Performance monitors for Cluster Disks in latest Windows OS MP

As Kevin describes in his article about the latest Window OS MP Cluster disks are missing performances rules. So Kevin decided to help the community and showed us how we can make an MP to create these rules. Find the article here.

Thank you Kevin for helping the community.

Cluster disk monitoring for the latest Windows OS MP

Daniele Grandini a well known MVP has made a management pack that extends the monitoring of Cluster Disks for the latest Windows OS management pack. As you know the latest Windows OS MP contains a lot of changes of how logical disks are monitored in SCOM. You can read about all changes in Kevin’s blog. As these changes were introduced there were missing some performance counters for Cluster Disks and CSV. Daniele took the challenge to add these counters for Cluster Disk by creating an management pack. You can read about this solution and download the management pack on his blog.

Thank you Daniele for sharing this solution with the community.