Orchestrator and Service Provider Foundation

If you want to know about the new feature in System Center 2012 SP1 named Service Provider Foundation there is a great article on Technet Wiki. The title of the article is Cloud Resource Management with System Center 2012 Service Pack 1 (SP1) – Orchestrator and Service Provider Foundation.

Introducing SCVMM Service Templates and Datacenter Automation by Solution Accelerators Team

Update: As I wrote Microsoft is announcing two new Solution Accelerator beta programs for System Center products and now it is official at Microsoft SCVMM team blog.

Solution Accelerators Team in Microsoft is starting two new initiatives:

  • System Center Virtual Machine Manager Service Templates – Solution Accelerators Team will probably create a site where SCVMM service templates will be published and supported by Microsoft.  The first release will include templates for various Windows Server 2008 R2 and 2012 Roles – Domain Controller, DNS, DHCP, IIS and File Server. There will be also add-in for SCVMM that will be able to browse and download these service templates.
  • Datacenter Automation for the cloud  – From this initiative we will probably see scripts and runbooks for Orchestrator supported by Microsoft. The first solutions will be focused on SharePoint and Windows Server – Orchestrator Runbooks for quick SharePoint farm back-up and recovery scenario; Back up a Web application; Back up a service application; Trace logs; Checking Disk Space, CPU and RAM; Sharepoint WMI scan for perf/alerts; Scan for missing patches / WMI.

The two initiatives will start as beta programs on Microsoft Connect soon.

Let’s Build a Cloud… With PowerShell! – Part 1: Deployment and Configuration

Yigal Edery shows a glimpse of the new model on how to manage the Cloud. No need to explain further because “a must read” article. Read it here.

Building Cloud Infrastructure with Windows Server 2012 and System Center 2012 SP1 and Introducing Windows Server “8” Hyper-V Network Virtualization: Enabling Rapid Migration and Workload Isolation in the Cloud

I’ve stumbled on two great articles by Jeffrey Snover from Windows Server Team. In order to understand the first article you have to mindshift from the current model how IT service is delivered. The second article will give you look in the latest Network technologies:

Microsoft Certification Program aligned with the Cloud

Jay Ferron explains in more detail what are the changes in Microsoft Certification Program in the article below.