Cloud Consistency with Azure Resource Manager Whitepaper

I was a little bit busy these days so I’ve forgot to blog about something very important. We’ve released Cloud Consistency with Azure Resource Manager Whitepaper. The whitepaper is authored by Kristian Nese and Flemming Riis.

My participation in it is as contributor. Think for this whitepaper as a service. With time we will update it and add new things. I hope you will like it. Now go and grab it.

Introduction to Team Access Control for Azure Pack

Team Access Control is a new third-party Resource Provider for Azure Pack. Along with UR5 for Azure Pack this resource provider is now available trough the Web Platform Installer.

This blogs aims at giving you initial look at the installation and configuration of this Resource Provider and what it offers. The Resource Provider is a paid solution and this blog post does not aim at marketing and selling it. Continue reading “Introduction to Team Access Control for Azure Pack”

Azure Pack / SCVMM NAT Rule Port Ranges

When you are creating NAT rules either in VMM or Azure Pack you should know there are some limitations on Source and Destination Ports. Continue reading “Azure Pack / SCVMM NAT Rule Port Ranges”

Migrating VM Role from One Subscription to Another in Azure Pack

First I would like to note that the solution below is not official guide from Microsoft and you should use it at your own risk.’’ Continue reading “Migrating VM Role from One Subscription to Another in Azure Pack”

Deploying Gallery Item trough SPF

This blog post aims at exploring Service Provider Foundation. Charles Joy already covered how to deploy Gallery item trough WAP API and VMM PowerShell in series of blog posts. Although the SPF API for Gallery Items is similar I will show you how it is done there and what are the differences. Continue reading “Deploying Gallery Item trough SPF”