SCOMTypeView – Application for MP Developers

SCOMTypeView is a tool help MPAuthor visualize ManagementPackClass, ManagementPackRelationship, showing them in treeview. The most important, you can see how the specific MonitoringObject is connected with other MonitoringObject.
This tool connect to your local ManagementGroup, showing real data in time.
There is another tool MPBExtractor, helps you unpack .mp and .mpb file.
Hope you like them, click here to download.

SCOM Visio MP designer – Authoring tool for the IT

SCOM Visio MP designer will be soon available and will IT’s to create fast and easy management packs without dealing with the Authoring console. Michel Kamp wrote on his blog nice article explaining how easy is to create a MP in SCOM Visio MP designer. Click on the link and read.