Controlling Azure SQL Firewall Rules

Recently on Microsoft Q&A there was question on how you can control Azure SQL Firewall rule in a way that only certain IP addresses are allowed to be configured. Naturally I gave general answer that you can do that via Azure Policy. Initially I didn’t give the person an actual policy as I haven’t done such before. Of course creating Azure Policy definition can be challenging so the person asked him if I can provide him with example.

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Quick Look – #MSOMS Office 365 (Preview) Solution

Yesterday MSOMS team released in preview Office 365 solution:


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Windows Firewall Auditing with Operations Management Suite Part 2

While I was writing the previous blog on that subject I’ve remembered that I’ve forgot writing on another tip with Windows Firewall auditing. This tip is a small one. Continue reading “Windows Firewall Auditing with Operations Management Suite Part 2”

Windows Firewall Auditing with Operations Management Suite

I was browsing trough Operations Management Suite and in the Security and Audit Solution I’ve noticed something new. Continue reading “Windows Firewall Auditing with Operations Management Suite”

Auditing PowerShell with Operations Management Suite

It has been a long time since I haven’t blogged about my new love Operations Management Suite Smile. This blog post will show you how easily you can audit all PowerShell commands that executed in your environment with Log Analytics in Operations Management Suite. Continue reading “Auditing PowerShell with Operations Management Suite”