Listing Review Activities which need your vote in Service Manager

The title says all. Check out how to achieve this view in SCSM in article by Rob Davies.

Automate adding AD users to AD groups with SCSM and Orcehsrator

Anders Bengtsson provide us with another guide how to automate the task of adding user to a group with Service Manager and Orchestrator. This is achieved again trough Request Offering with approval in SCSM and a couple of activities in Orchestrator. Read the full article here.

Application Approval Workflow Sample Templates for System Center 2012 Service Manager

Robbie McAlpine from SCSM team provides for free to the community a management pack that contains some sample service request templates:

  • Template one is for Line Manager approval
  • Template two is for a Department Manager approval (This example is for Finance Manager)
  • Template three is an example of a multi-step approval process.
    Download this SCSM MP from SCSM Team blog here.