Orchestrator Extensibility Kit for SC Operations Manager

Another download provided by Charles Joy which will help you in better integration System Center 2012 components. Let’s see the description of this download:

The Orchestrator Extensibility Kit for SC Operations Manager includes examples of how to extend SC Operations Manager using both the Operations Manager and Orchestrator SDKs. The C# code and compiled DLL included here offer four activities to be used within Orchestrator against Operations Manager. Two of these activities can be used to automatically create and/or delete notification subscriptions based on an existing Notification Channel. The other two activities work against the Operations Manager database tracking existing Pending Agent Installs for Approval and the provide the ability to Approve them.


The download comes into a zip file that contains implementation and usage guide. Download it here.

Restart All SCOM 2012 Agents in a Management Group via PowerShell

Bob Cornelissen MVP and author for the Mastering SCOM 2012 book wrote very useful script and decided to share it with us. It is PowerShell script that restarts all SCOM 2012 agents from a management group. You can find the script in the Technet Gallery.

Thank you Bob for sharing with the community.

Add/Remove a Management group from a SCOM 2012 agent with script

Two very useful scripts if you multi-home SCOM agents provided by Bob Cornelissen: