VMM WSUS Synchronization Gets Broken When You Install ASR Provider

Consider the following scenario:

  • You have VMM Server 2012 SP1 or R2 Installed
  • You have added WSUS server in your VMM Server to synchronize updates. The WSUS server is using Proxy to connect to Windows Update.
  • You’ve installed and configured Azure Site Recovery Provider on the VMM server. The Provider is configured to use the same proxy as WSUS server. Authentication to proxy is based on computer rather than user.
  • When you try synchronize VMM with WSUS, VMM tries to connect to the WSUS server trough the proxy used by ASR provider and job fails with the following text:

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PSWB – Script to run a search for required updates data in System Center Advisor

I’ve just released a PowerShell script similar to the ones released by Advisor team. The search in Advisor is focused on Required Updates for servers. You will need System Update Assessment Intelligence Pack enabled in Advisor. You can find the script here.

New MP: System Center Management Pack for WSUS on Windows Server 2012

Another MP that covers monitoring for role or feature from Windows Server 2012. This management pack monitors a role that I have seen being used in almost every Windows organization. You can download the documentation and the MP from here. The guide doesn’t contain any information on how to configure the MP as it seems you install it and just works. In the guide can be found description on what is being monitored by the MP.