Several MPs Updated

This blog post is to inform you that several MPs have been updated with some important fixes/features. You can find all the information here.

My personal best improvement is:

  • Add Task launch PowerShell session on the remote machine for All Computers

Microsoft Virtual Academy: Migration to Windows Server 2012

If you are in the path to Windows Server 2012 migration MVA just published videos for you. The course is still not available on MVA site but you can watch the videos:

New MP: System Center Management Pack for Windows Server DNS

No I am not wrong this is actually a new MP not just an updated version of the old one. You can install it side by side with the old one until you feel comfortable of using only the new one and this is stated in a Note on the download page:

This Management Pack is intended to completely replace the functionality of the previous DNS Management Pack, and as such it is not backwards compatible with them. The old and new management packs can live side-by-side, so you can uninstall the old MP’s if/when you are comfortable with the new Management Pack.

If you open the guide you can find even more information. This MP is structured in a different way which might be the new way of how management packs will be released:



I like this new structure because it gives you the possibility to enable more advanced monitoring by adding another MP that contains all overrides.

Also the announcement for this MP comes in blog post which is great. So far we noticed some new MP downloads on the Microsoft site and after a few days you may or may not see short announcement about new version of MP. But this time is different and in the announcement it is stated that the new MP was tested by the XBOX Live team which will be equivalent of beta testing. May be it is a good idea to beta MPs to be published on Microsoft Connect in order not only TAP customers and internal Microsoft teams to be able to provide feedback.

You can find the announcement about DNS MP here.

Download is located here.

As usual remember to read the guide first before deploying.

Another reminder that all 2007 R2 and 2012 OpsMgr MPs are located here and I have a nice script to download them all in bulk here.

Windows Server 2012 Core Network Guide

The Windows Server 2012 Core Network Guide provides instructions for planning and deploying the core components required for a fully functioning network and a new Active Directory® domain in a new forest. Using this guide, you can deploy computers configured with the following server roles and technologies:

· The Active Directory Domain Services (AD DS) server role

· The Domain Name System (DNS) server role

· The Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) server role

· The Network Policy Server (NPS) role service of the Network Policy and Access Services server role

· The Web Server (IIS) server role

· TCP/IP connections on individual servers

This guide also serves as a foundation for companion guides that show you how to deploy additional technologies in Windows Server 2012.

Download the guide from here.

Introducing SCVMM Service Templates and Datacenter Automation by Solution Accelerators Team

Update: As I wrote Microsoft is announcing two new Solution Accelerator beta programs for System Center products and now it is official at Microsoft SCVMM team blog.

Solution Accelerators Team in Microsoft is starting two new initiatives:

  • System Center Virtual Machine Manager Service Templates – Solution Accelerators Team will probably create a site where SCVMM service templates will be published and supported by Microsoft.  The first release will include templates for various Windows Server 2008 R2 and 2012 Roles – Domain Controller, DNS, DHCP, IIS and File Server. There will be also add-in for SCVMM that will be able to browse and download these service templates.
  • Datacenter Automation for the cloud  – From this initiative we will probably see scripts and runbooks for Orchestrator supported by Microsoft. The first solutions will be focused on SharePoint and Windows Server – Orchestrator Runbooks for quick SharePoint farm back-up and recovery scenario; Back up a Web application; Back up a service application; Trace logs; Checking Disk Space, CPU and RAM; Sharepoint WMI scan for perf/alerts; Scan for missing patches / WMI.

The two initiatives will start as beta programs on Microsoft Connect soon.