AD Replication Status Solution in Operations Management Suite

Like a Christmas present OMS team gave us a new solution yesterday. As the name suggest the solution aims to give you visibility over the replication of your domain controllers. To get some results you will need at least two domain controllers located in different AD sites. I believe the solution works with any domain controller that is on a supported by OMS Windows operating system. Continue reading “AD Replication Status Solution in Operations Management Suite”

Microsoft Azure Operational Insights Preview Series – AD Assessment (Part 12)

Previously on Microsoft Azure Operational Insights Preview Series:

There is a new Intelligence Pack on the horizon. This IP uses the same model for information like the SQL Assessment IP. You can just go Intelligence Pack Gallery and add it: Continue reading “Microsoft Azure Operational Insights Preview Series – AD Assessment (Part 12)”

Several MPs Updated

This blog post is to inform you that several MPs have been updated with some important fixes/features. You can find all the information here.

My personal best improvement is:

  • Add Task launch PowerShell session on the remote machine for All Computers

Microsoft Virtual Academy: Migration to Windows Server 2012

If you are in the path to Windows Server 2012 migration MVA just published videos for you. The course is still not available on MVA site but you can watch the videos:

New Version: Active Directory Domain Services Management Pack for System Center

Another new version of MP is out. According to the documentation this new version was prepared in December 2012 but released in January 2013. Here are the changes taken directly from the documentation:




Product knowledge improvements

· Client Monitoring alerts identify problematic domain controllers in the description.

· Interdomain trust alert identifies which trust is broken in the alert description.

· More specific action recommendations added to alert for “Could not determine FSMO role holder” and alert for “domain Controller’s Ops Master is inconsistent.”

· Knowledge Base article information added to alert for “The Active Directory database is corrupt.”

· Knowledge Base article information added to alert for “Two replication partners have an inconsistent view of the FSMO role holders.”

· Some rules with names that begin “Client Side script…“ but were not actually executed by client-side monitors were renamed.

· More specific action recommendation added to description for Event ID 1000.

Excessive alert fixes

· A duplicate alert that appears when a computer authentication fails was removed.

· Repetitive alerts for UserEnv and Netlogon were replaced with a single alert that includes a count of the number of occurrences.

· The alert for the number of allowable replication partners was increased from 100 to the maximum number of replication connections.

· The alert of FSMO role holder availability was refined so that it is issued less frequently in cases where operations master role holder is temporarily unavailable.

· Active Directory processor overload monitor was removed because it duplicates an existing monitor in the operating system management pack.

· Duplicate alerts for KDC errors and trust verification failures were removed.

· Informational alert was disabled for rule “The default security settings for the NTFS file systems have not been applied to Active Directory directory folders.”

Script error fixes

Multiple script errors were fixed to improve Active Directory site topology discovery, DNS verification, operation master role discovery, and other improvements.

Rule error fixes

Multiple rule errors were fixed to improve error handling, event logging, and server state reporting.


As you can see no new features just bug fixes. You can download version 6.0.8070.0 of Active Directory Domain Services Management Pack for System Center from here.