Learn Windows Intune on MVA

3 new courses are available on Microsoft Virtual Academy for Windows Intune. Courses are presented in mostly PDF materials. If you want to learn Windows Intune check them out here:

  • Windows Intune – Plan: Prepare for your deployment of Windows Intune. This course guides you in planning for Active Directory integration and Mobile Device Management.
  • Windows Intune – Deploy: Deploying a Windows Intune solution involves several tasks, including managing client computers and the overall service configuration. As part of your deployment, you will install the client software on the target computers, delegate administrative rights and define policies to control the devices on your network.
  • Windows Intune – Manage & Operate: Once you have a fully deployed and configured Windows Intune, you are ready to manage and operate the infrastructure. Windows Intune offers several consoles and tools to manage your devices.


Additional Resources: