Automate adding AD users to AD groups with SCSM and Orcehsrator

Anders Bengtsson provide us with another guide how to automate the task of adding user to a group with Service Manager and Orchestrator. This is achieved again trough Request Offering with approval in SCSM and a couple of activities in Orchestrator. Read the full article here.

Service Offering for Password Reset in SCSM Self-Service Portal

Another very useful article for real world scenarios by Anders Bengtsson titled “Password reset with the Service Manager self-service portal”. He is also providing the runbook for password reset for download.

Many thanks to Anders for sharing his work with the community.

Lifecycle Virtual Machines with Service Manager and Orchestrator – A Real World Private Cloud Scenario

Anders Bengtsson one of Microsoft MVPs and author of System Center Service Manager 2010 Unleashed wrote an amazing article titled “VM lifecycle in Service Manager with Orchestrator magic”. Not only he provides the knowledge on how to built lifecycle scenario for virtual machines but also he provides for download the runbooks and the management packs used by him. Such service is often desired by customers and without a lot of effort you can build it by reading the article and taking advantage of provided for download content.

How to Raise an Incident on Behalf of a different person in the portal, using System Center 2012 Service Manager and Orchestrator

Here is a detailed step by step guide on how to raise and incident on behalf of a different person in the Service Manager Self-Service portal. The guide is provided by Antoni H – an Microsoft Premier Field Engineer. Find the article here.

Start or Stop Maintenance Mode of server in SCOM trough SCSM

With System Center 2012 this implementation looks so easy you just have to follow some steps. Pete Zerger provides us with these steps in article titled “Controlling Computer Maintenance Mode in OpsMgr from the Service Manager 2012 Self-Service Portal”.