Orchestrator Integration Pack for MSSQL Tasks 1.1

One more free IP for SC Orchestrator updated by Charles Joy. Download it from here.

Thank you Charles for providing integration packs for the community.

Orchestrator Integration Pack for Windows Tasks 1.1

Another updated integration pack by Charles Joy. Download the IP and the documentation from here.

Orchestrator Integration Pack for Text Manipulation 1.1

Orchestrator Integration Pack for Text Manipulation is an IP developed by Charles Joy from Microsoft. Even though this IP is not officially supported by Microsoft it is very useful. The provides the following activities:

  • Blank Line Search and Destroy
  • Count Character Occurrence Text
  • Find Character Occurrence Text
  • In File Replace Text
  • Keyword Range Search and Destroy Text
  • Keyword Search and Destroy Text
  • Passthrough Text
  • Replace Text


Detailed description of the IP you can find here.

Free download is located here.

System Center 2012 SP1 additional components are updated

———————More downloads were added——————————-

After the release of System Center 2012 SP1 on Technet and MSDN before Christmas which is kind of unofficial release it is time for the official one. There is a rumor that tomorrow (04.01.2013) Microsoft will officially announce Service Pack 1 for System Center 2012. As a hint for this official announcement is that several additional components for SC 2012 SP1 were updated from Beta to RTM today. Here you can find them:

Note: Some of the components may still have BETA word in their names but if you see the change log on the webpage you will see that final version was uploaded.

System Center 2012 Service Pack 1 Beta Integration Pack for Windows Azure

Customers who have Hybrid Clouds want to automate their Private Cloud as well as their Public Cloud. Now this task can be easier with the new System Center 2012 Service Pack 1 Integration Pack for Windows Azure. This integration pack for Orchestrator is still in beta but you can download it and start testing it. The integration pack includes activities as:

  • Azure Certificates- the Azure Certificates activity is used in a runbook to add, delete, and list management and service certificates
  • Azure Deployments- the Azure Deployments activity is used in a runbook to create, delete, get, and swap deployments, change deployment configurations, update deployment statuses, rollback an update or upgrade, get and change deployment operating systems, upgrade deployments, walk upgrade domains, and reboot and reimage role instances
  • Azure Cloud Services- the Azure Cloud Services activity is used in a runbook to create, delete, and get cloud services, check cloud service name availability, and create affinity groups
  • Azure Storage- The Azure Storage activity is used in a runbook to create, delete, update, and list storage accounts, get storage account properties, get and regenerate storage account keys, create, list, and delete containers, and put, copy, delete, list, snapshot, and download blobs
  • Azure Virtual Machine Disks- the Azure Virtual Machine Disks activity is used in a runbook to add, delete, update, and list virtual machine disks and virtual machine data disks
  • Azure Virtual Machine Images- the Azure Virtual Machine Images activity is used in a runbook to add, delete, update, and list virtual machine operating system images
  • Azure Virtual Machines- the Azure Virtual Machines activity is used in a runbook to create virtual machine deployments, download virtual machine remote desktop files, as well as get, delete, start, restart, shutdown, capture, and update virtual machine roles


Download the integration pack from here.