Free online training event: SCU in America January 19th

Are you or your colleagues and clients interested in a free day of training on System Center and other Microsoft technologies? If so, I highly recommend that you check out SystemCenterUniverse for the January 19th event. For background, this is an event is streamed live so it is available to be seen literally anywhere in the world with internet connectivity.   Continue reading “Free online training event: SCU in America January 19th”

Windows 10 Universal App for

Microsoft has a service that allows you to create Windows 10 apps called Windows App Studio. Recently that service enabled easier creation of Windows 10 app with WordPress content. This allowed me to create Windows 10 universal app of my blog. It is simple app that makes viewing the content of the blog post easier on smaller devices. If you want to use it the app is located in Windows Store and can be found by clicking on this link.

Introduction to Team Access Control for Azure Pack

Team Access Control is a new third-party Resource Provider for Azure Pack. Along with UR5 for Azure Pack this resource provider is now available trough the Web Platform Installer.

This blogs aims at giving you initial look at the installation and configuration of this Resource Provider and what it offers. The Resource Provider is a paid solution and this blog post does not aim at marketing and selling it. Continue reading “Introduction to Team Access Control for Azure Pack”

Azure Pack / SCVMM NAT Rule Port Ranges

When you are creating NAT rules either in VMM or Azure Pack you should know there are some limitations on Source and Destination Ports. Continue reading “Azure Pack / SCVMM NAT Rule Port Ranges”

Tips From the Field: Applying Update Rollup 5 to System Center 2012 R2 and Windows Azure Pack

So I’ve had the chance to try installing UR5 so here are some tips from me: Continue reading “Tips From the Field: Applying Update Rollup 5 to System Center 2012 R2 and Windows Azure Pack”