ARM Templates for Service Map Dependency Agent Deployment

Yesterday Dave announced that there is a new Azure VM extension that deploys the Service Map Dependency Agent. The example provided was only for PowerShell so it was natural that we need ARM template as well.

My friend Tao Yang beat me to the idea:


but I will make his life easier and provide these templates earlier.

You can grab those from my ARMTempaltes repo. Remember that this extension is still rolling to all Azure regions. I’ve managed to make it work in West Central US. If it does not work in your region wait a couple of days.

4 thoughts on “ARM Templates for Service Map Dependency Agent Deployment

  1. I was exploring the OMS logs sent by Dependency Agent, but couldn’t find how the actual dependencies between processes and computers are logged. The ServiceMapProcess_CL and ServiceMapComputer_CL do not seem to provide those logs. Where are they? Where does the Service Map solution query for that data when showing the dependencies between systems?

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