Backup Reports in Azure Backup with Log Analytics and PowerBI

A new feature just popped up in my Recovery Services Vault named Backup Reports:


This new feature is easily find under Settings blade –> Monitoring and Reports –> Backup Reports as stated in the message. When you click on that you are introduced with two-step configuration:


First we will configure Storage Account where the data will be stored for these reports.

Surprisingly you can also configure OMS Log Analytics as target for the data as well:


As you can see you will get report data, jobs data, event data and replicated items data for your Azure Backups.

Keep in mind that is best to wait until insights-logs-azurebackupreport container appears before moving to the next step.


The second step is to Sing in to PowerBI and find Azure Backup Content Pack:


We will need to provide the storage account we had configured previously:


And primary access key for the storage:


After sign in the data will start to upload.

After successful import you can see the data in Azure Backup dashboard.


In my case I do not have much data but you can see what kind of data will appear in yours over some time.

What about Log Analytics? Luckily that data is there as well:


You can see that I get Azure Backup data directly in AzureDiagnostics type. This data is immediately transferred to your workspace once it is generated. In the above case I’ve triggered a backup to a VM that does not exists and Report event is generated.

Currently there is no out of the box solution for this data but I hope it will be coming at some point. Till that time you can always use the view designer to build some to yourself.

3 thoughts on “Backup Reports in Azure Backup with Log Analytics and PowerBI

  1. hi Great article, wondering if once you setup reports logs analytic it seems is not possible to create a storage account from where to link power BI, I know now azure implement logic app to email backups report but not working for me any idea?

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