OMSSearch PowerShell Module 6.0.0 Release

I’ve just updated the OMSSearch PowerShell module. New version is 6.0.0. Here are the changes:

*   SMAConnection parameter set changed to OMSConnection in Get-AADToken
*   IndividualParameter parameter set changed to – DefaultParameterSet – in Get-AADToken
*   Changes in code for better reading the code – all functions
*   DefaultParameterSetName used – for all functions
*   Improved Help for all functions
*   Changed resourceAppIdURI to
*   Changed authority to
*   Option to authenticate by TenantID or TenantADName
*   Added TenantID field in OMSConnection (might not appear if you have previously imported the module in Azure Automation)
*   Get-Help for parameters added for all functions
*   Added Name parameter to find individual saved searches in Get-OMSSavedSearch. You can now get a single saved search.
*   Improved Invoke-OMSSavedSearch algorithm. Now it will find saved search by Name instead by ID. ID can be GUID for some saved searches which previously resulted in faulty results.
*   Removed function Invoke-ARMGet – Not needed.
*   Deprecated Get-ARMAzureSubscription. Official AzureRM cmdlets can be used to get Subscriptions.

*   You can use OMSConnection parameter in almost all cmdlets instead of providing individual parameters like subscriptionID, ResourceGroupName and OMSWorkspaceName
*   new cmdlet – New-OMSSavedSearch
*   new cmdlet – Remove-OMSSavedSearch


You can find the new version in PowerShell Gallery or GitHub. If you spot any issues. Log them on GitHub.

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