Manage Custom Fields in Operations Management Suite

Not so while ago I’ve covered a new feature in OMS (MSOMS) called custom fields. When I’ve covered this feature I was missing a way to actually remove an already created custom field. Mistakes happen, you can create field and two months later you may not need that field any more and many other scenarios. It turns out that from today you can remove a custom field that you’ve created. To do that you can go to Settings tile. On the right you will see custom fields section:


Not only you can remove the custom fields you’ve created but you can also see for which type of log it was created. Clicking on remove will ask you for confirmation:


After that the custom field is gone.

If you click Goto will take you to a query to see the results of that field:


That is helpful because you may be no longer gather logs related to that custom field and if that is the case you will see 0 results.

Apparently you also have quota of 20 custom fields maximum no matter you are standard or premium tier. I’ve tried changing between tiers and that quota stayed the same. I sure hope that will be increased to a much higher number in the near future.

4 thoughts on “Manage Custom Fields in Operations Management Suite

  1. Thank you for the helpful posts. Do you know if it’s possible to run a query like the following which works great with a standard tool like Log Parser? I’d live to be able to parse the different variables/fields.
    SELECT TO_LOWERCASE(extract_token(cs-uri-stem,1,’/’)) AS VirtualDirectory, COUNT(*) AS Hits FROM ‘R:\LogFiles\W3SVC2\*.log’ WHERE sc-status 404 GROUP BY VirtualDirectory ORDER BY Hits DESC

    1. Hi Chris,
      OMS has its own syntax for queries. I do not know what the query above represents as I haven’t worked with Log Parser. May be if I understand what are you trying to achieve I can come up with query for OMS.

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