Microsoft Azure Operational Insights Preview Series – Plans and Retention (Part 15)

Previously on Microsoft Azure Operational Insights Preview Series:

Currently in Azure Operational Insights Preview we have available 3 plans:

  • Free
  • Standard
  • Premium

Two of them are associated with prices and you can read more here.

One of the differences between these plans is their retention period meaning how long in the past you can see you data when you use Search. If you’ve signed up trough for the service and you haven’t linked your account you need to know that are you automatically assigned for the Free plan. You can change that at any time but you first need to link your Azure Operational Insights workspace to your Azure subscription. You can see how to do this in Part 10 of my series and in Part 14 with the new onboarding experience you will see also which plan are you using currently. In fact even if you do not want to change your plan but you have Azure subscription it is better to link them. Switching between plans in a short period does not affect right away meaning that if you have switched from Premium from Free you will not loose your data right away and you can return to Premium. As part of the preview if you have connection to SCOM Management Group you will not always have the daily limit and retention period applied. Keep in mind that some of this information is related to the preview and will probably change with GA.

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