Microsoft Azure Operational Insights Preview Series – Usability Improvements (Part 11)

Previously on Microsoft Azure Operational Insights Preview Series:

For the last couple of months the Azure Operation Insights team has made several changes that improving the overall usability of the service. This post aims introducing them to you.

1. Overview page

If we look at he Overview page we will see that the all Management tiles ( I couldn’t think of better name) are now on the right side. Previously some of them were on the left side. Any legacy menus are removed. That way the experience starts to look more and more like the one in the new Azure Preview portal.


2. Filter Experience

Filter experience is now clearer. Since the introduction of save queries the filter was moved from left to the right side. In latest updates it is better sized, will show better suggestion depending on your query, and instead of scrolling down endlessly now there is a button +Add with which you can add more fields if you like.



3. Search Autocomplete

The biggest improvements are in Search. When you try to type a query Search will show you suggestions from recent searches, saved searches, available fields and commands. This is bringing kind of IntelliSense experience. Suggestions are being show while you type and change dynamically.


4. Renaming in SCOM

Update Rollup 5 for System Center Operational Manager 2012 R2 renames System Center Advisor to Azure Operational Insights in the Administration pane.


I really like those changes as they improve the overall experience and usability of Azure Operational Insights.

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