Microsoft Azure Operational Insights Preview Series – AD Assessment (Part 12)

Previously on Microsoft Azure Operational Insights Preview Series:

There is a new Intelligence Pack on the horizon. This IP uses the same model for information like the SQL Assessment IP. You can just go Intelligence Pack Gallery and add it:


After adding it you will need to wait up to 4 hours until you see some results:


As far as I understand you do not need special accounts to make it work. You may need to bounce the SCOM agent on the domain controllers to make it work according to Daniele Grandini, Tao Yang and Cameron Fuller.

After those 4 hours you should start see that tile filled with information:


Digging into it it has the same look and feel like SQL Assessment IP.:


Let’s see how a recommendation looks like:


Clicking on one of the affected objects goes to Search:


As this IP follows the same structure as the SQL Assessment one you can use similar or the same queries to find the information you need.

And btw after adding it we’ve found a real world problem by the recommendations from AD Assessment IP. This is a very nice addition to the Azure Operational Insights service.

8 thoughts on “Microsoft Azure Operational Insights Preview Series – AD Assessment (Part 12)

  1. I also found DC’s on 2008 R2 SP1 needed Windows Management Framework 3 or 4 (for PowerShell). Then bumping the SCOM agent got them reporting.

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