Install SMB Share SCVMM 2012 R2 UR5 UI Hotfix

With UR5 there is a bug in the UI that does not show SMB file shares when you try to deploy HA VM or do storage migration to SMB share. Functionality was still working when you use PowerShell.

Microsoft quickly released hotfix for that located here. When you request it, download it and extract it, it is just one dll file:

  • Microsoft.VirtualManager.UI.CommonControls.dll

That dll is only for the VMM console.

You need to copy it to:

%ProgramFiles%\Microsoft System Center 2012 R2\Virtual Machine Manager\bin

Of course %ProgramFiles% is the location where your VMM console is installed.

When you copy it, it will replace the existing dll file. You will need to close all vmm consoles on that server in order to be able to replace it.

After that you should no longer have that UI bug on that server when you start VMM console.

Update: Please hold off applying the hotfix as more hotfixes are expected to be released and it will be easier to apply them in bulk.

Update 2: Hotfix has been republished along with other fixes. Instructions for deployment are in the KB article.

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