Adding Windows Server Gateway Cluster as Network Service in VMM 2012 R2 UR2 for Monitoring with SCOM

Not so long ago I’ve reported an issue where Multi-Tenant RRAS (Windows Server Gateway) is not discovered by by the Multi-Tenant RRAS Management Pack. This problem has been fixed in Update Rollup 2 for System Center  2012 R2 Virtual Machine Manager. If you add Windows Server Gateways as Network Service in VMM as usual you will not notice a difference in the wizard and after the gateway is added successful you will probably had to create that Client Access Point resource manually. That is because the fix is not exposed directly in the wizard, it is actually a parameter that you have provide in the connection string. And actually the parameters are two:

  • MPDiscovery=true
  • MPDiscoveryIPAddress=<IP if static>

MPDiscovery parameter is mandatory and MPDIscoveryIPAddress is required when you are not using DHCP for your gateway clusters.

In the end it will look something like this:


Keep in mind that this works on newly added Network Services with VMM 2012 R2 UR2 and it is only needed for Windows Server Gateway clusters. For existing Windows Server Gateway clusters you have to apply the workaround in my article.

Thank you Microsoft for fixing this bug and providing the information.

Note: The IP that is entered for the parameter is from your management network subnet and not the public one.



When you use the described solution above a new Client Access Point resource will be created on the cluster. That resource will have the name cluster01rsip where cluster01 is the name of your cluster. Basically the solution takes your cluster name and adds “rsip” for the name of the Client Access Point. The Client Access Point resource creates computer object in AD and if you cluster name is longer than 11 characters you may exceed the 15 character limit when rsip is added. In such cases whatever exceeds 15 characters will be cut off. In such situations you will have two cluster objects in your SCOM server – one with the full name and one with the cut off characters. There is a way your Client Access Points to be created with different than the “rsip” suffix and with fewer characters suffix. Just create string type reg key with the following name HNVGatewayRRASNetworkNameSuffix

in HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Microsoft System Center Virtual Machine Manager Server\Settings

on your VMM server/s. For example if you cluster is name cluster01 and you create that reg key with value “r” your Client Access Point will be cluster01r.


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