Error Code:10002 When You Configure Cloud for Protection in Azure Site Recovery

Recently I’ve been dealing with wide range of technologies – Windows Server and System Center stuff, PowerShell/SMA Workflows, DevOps, Azure IaaS and Azure RemoteApp and Azure Site Recovery. This is part of my plan on expending my knowledge.

Anyway this blog post will be focused on an error that I’ve stumbled upon twice when configuring Azure Site Recovery. After you’ve added your VMM server/s in ASR your next will be to configure protection on Cloud. I’ve went to through that step but suddenly when configuration of my target and source Clouds started the jobs failed for both of them with the same error:

VMM Server couldn’t be configured (Error code: 10002).

Provider error: A request couldn’t be validated with the vault key. To ensure that the VMM server has a valid vault key, run the provider installation wizard on the VMM server and paste in the current key from the Vault Key page in Quick Start. If this doesn’t regenerate the key. This will replace the previous key and update the key settings on VMM servers in the vault. Than retry the operation. (Provider error code: 31255)

Possible cause: The VMM Service might not have the required permissions to install the certificate on the Trusted Root CA store.

Recommendation: Verify the permissions and retry again.


So I’ve registered my VMM servers in ASR successfully and my VMM service account has administrator rights on the VMM servers but still I had this error. The workaround is simple:

Open MMC. Open the Local computer Certificate store. Go to the personal Certificate store. Find all certificates deployed by ASR. You will spot them easily. Copy the ASR certificates from the Personal store to the Trusted Root Certificate Authority Store. If you have VMM cluster you will need to export the certificates and deployed them on the passive node also. If you are configuring protection from one VMM instance to another VMM instance you will need to do that on both VMM servers probably.


After that you should restart the job for enabling protection on Cloud in ASR and the job should complete successfully this time.

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