Version 3.0 of Damian’s and My Script to Download All SCOM Management Packs with PowerShell

So my good friend Damian Flynn and fellow MVP has decided to bring this script to another level by making more like PowerShell module than only script. The result is cleaner code and some parts can be reused. You can find the new version here. Some of the changes include:

  • Refactored the script to a powershell module, and split the code into functions to ease support and prepare for some automation 😉
  • added Write-CMTraceLog – to enabled it execute   Get-SCOMManagementPacks –CMTrace
  • removed two download links that are incorrectly gathered at the beginning

I hope you will like these improvements. Leave any feedback on the TechNet Gallery page. This is why community rocks. Expect more from Damian on this topic.

3 thoughts on “Version 3.0 of Damian’s and My Script to Download All SCOM Management Packs with PowerShell

  1. Great work by Damian Flynn, much appreciated. I did find a small thing I would change: For every Write-CMTraceLog the parameter -LogFile should be specified so that it is the same as the path used with Get-SCOMManagementPacks -MPLogfile. I would also avoid to combine MPPath and MPLogfile and instead use full path in MPLogfile. This gives more flexibility (you can place the log in another path if you like). In my opinion the parameters should not have default values, instead make them mandatory and call the functions with parameters, this will make it less confusing I think.

  2. Love it! Would like to see one small addition to the script. You already include a Status display for each MP downloaded. I would like to have a time-stamp on each entry. Simply allows me to get a quick view of how long things are taking.

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