Microsoft Azure Operational Insights Preview Series – Malware Assessment (Part 2)

After taking look at System Update Assessment Intelligence Pack next on the table is Malware Assessment:


As with the others Intelligence Packs you have a tie on the Overview page where you can see short information about the Malware status of your server. Clicking on the tile will give you some more information:


Notice that in the upper right corner we have option to set date timeframe. If for example we change the time frame from 7 days to 1 day different results will be shown:


This time frame option is important because you will probably monitor your day to day status from other consoles/tools on premise but with this Intelligence Pack in Advisor you can see the Malware status in your environment over certain period of time. Such information is helpful if you want to find some patterns in your environment related to Malware.

Again if you click on one of the results:


You will be redirected to the search page:


Here may be the most interesting option is to play with the time bar on right to get more interesting results. I couldn’t think of any other scenarios as honestly this is not my favorite topic but I guess if you are in environment that have threats detected you can think of more interesting queries.

I should mention also that the current version of this Intelligence Pack supports only Windows Defender and System Center Endpoint Protection.

Hope this was helpful for you.

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