How to Add RD Gateway for Remote Console to SPF without WAP

Lets say for some reason you are not using Windows Azure Pack but you are still using Service Provider Foundation and you want to add RD Gateway server so you can take advantage of Remote Console. This can be done trough the following simple lines of PowerShell:

import-module spfadmin

$stamp = get-scspfstamp


New-SCSPFServer -Name $GWserver -ServerType RDGateway -Stamps $stamp[0];

Requirement is to have Stamp created.

In case you have Windows Azure Pack and execute the above commands you will see the name of the RD Gateway appear in the settings of the stamp in WAP.

Now you have better understanding how Windows Azure Pack and System Center Service Provide Foundation collaborate.

One thought on “How to Add RD Gateway for Remote Console to SPF without WAP

  1. Stan, that is a great tip, so let’s we continue this scenario – Now we want to associate a tenant to a stamp and invoke from Internet a Remote Console connection thru the RD Gateway to tenant’s VMs but without WAP.
    Is that even possible (could not find any bread crumbs on how to do that without WAP)?
    Any direction is greatly appreciated.


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