Appling Update Rollup 2 on System Center 2012 R2 Service Management Server Fails With An Error Occurred While Executing a Custom Action:_PatchMP

I’ve been applying Update Rollup 2 on Service Manager 2012 R2 as per the instructions here but in the middle of applying the update in the management server I’ve received the following error:


An Error Occurred While Executing a Custom Action:_PatchMP

Installation failed. I’ve took a close look of the setup log. A saw that this was caused by MSI Error 1603 and I’ve deiced to restart the server.

After restart the update was fired up again and this time installation completed successful:


12 thoughts on “Appling Update Rollup 2 on System Center 2012 R2 Service Management Server Fails With An Error Occurred While Executing a Custom Action:_PatchMP

  1. No real mention of the MSI

    02:51:21:ApplyQuickFixEngineering: Return value was 1603. Check the log at C:\Users\SQL_ADMIN\AppData\Local\Temp\SCSM2012R2_CU_KB2904710_i386_7.5.3079.61.msp.2.log for more detailed information.
    02:51:21:ApplyQfe: FAILED: We did not successfuly install QFE SCSM2012R2_CU_KB2904710_i386_7.5.3079.61.msp.
    02:51:21:ProcessInstalls: Patcher returned error 1603:Fatal error during installation
    02:51:24:Starting C:\Users\SQL_ADMIN\AppData\Local\Temp\SCSMPatcherSetupWizard14.log

      1. Ive rebooted the Service Manager system with the console. This is dev and the databases live on another server. I can reboot that one too if you think there is any connection.

    1. Ok thanks. Unfortunately that isn’t doing the trick. Maybe I will see if it is possible to chat with Microsoft on this. By the way, have you used the Exchange Connector 3.0 to connect SCSM to Exchange?

      1. did you get any response from MS on this?
        Looks as though I am having the same issue, and looking for a solution.

        Also let me know how i can help with the Exchange connector, had to spend some time, but i have it figured out, and can offer some assistance.

  2. I am having the problem with UR2 ad UR3 when applying to both the DW server and another server with the web components. No problems with the management servers. Would be interested to know if anyone has root caused this.

    1. Actually the error displayed on SCSM install wizard is too general. It just shows you at what stage it failed. I look at the setup logs for more information. There usually you can see MSI error or something else that might hint you what is the cause.

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