Quick Look at Windows Azure Pack Management Pack

Windows Azure Pack MP for SCOM is quite easy to install and configure. Actually you just import it and it works without setting any accounts and etc.

Of course this comes with a cost as there is not so much in the MP.


You have only one view which is a simple dashboard. The reason for this is that the monitors are not so much. I would say I was a little disappointed looking it for a first time.

But instead of crying in the corner let’s create some whish list for future versions:

  • Performance data for users logged on Tenant and Admin site.
  • Performance data for operations made in different resource providers.
  • Different views for servers with different #WAPack roles in order to put them in maintenance mode separate.
  • Performance data per resource provider for usage  – number of databases, number of virtual machines, number of vm networks and etc. – a lot can be put here.
  • Reports – if performance data is added reports can be made also

Let’s say this is initial list and more can be added to it with time.

BTW if you receive errors that your Tenant or Admin sites are not working you need to configure them with FQDN.

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