RIP MMS Long Live The SCU

You’ve probably heard that Microsoft Management Summit is dead. Officially or not this seems to be the truth and we have to accept it. Of course if you are familiar with the System Center community you probably have learned that such decisions cannot just be accepted. Why? It is in our nature we are management community and we like to have control. So even before the death of MMS our community was ready with a backup plan and that is System Center Universe. SCU is the new MMS. The latest SCU was in Bern, Switzerland on 16th-17th September, the next event will be in Houston TX, USA on January 30th 2014 and plans are set for another SCU Europe event next year in September. But do not just trust me that SCU is the new MMS because I’ve said so and go to the official site of the recent SCU event and download the videos from the sessions and you will know why. Keep in mind that the time of this blog post not all videos are uploaded and more will be available in the coming days.

One thought on “RIP MMS Long Live The SCU

  1. Hey Stan

    Bad news, and MMS will definitely be missed! But the community has the power to come back with their own event as we already proved with SCU. We have *BIG* plans for SCU 2014 in Europe and everybody is well invited to contribute for this happening. Send me an email with your suggestions, plans, inputs etc., I will coordinate all the feedback we got from SCU 2013 DACH (16./17.September 2013) and the new stuff that comes in –> zehner [at] itnetx [dot] ch.


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