Where is my System Center Management Service in SC 2012 R2?

If you’ve already installed SCOM 2012 R2 you’ve probably noticed that System Center Management Service is gone. Now we have Microsoft Monitoring Agent:


But that is not all folder location is also changed:


You will notice the change also in the Control Panel:


We already know that changes are not only in the name now but the service can actually can be leveraged by other products. Could we see in the future this agent be leverage by other products as well? May be something like Windows Azure Monitoring (WAM) or Windows Azure Operations Manager (WAOM)? We can only speculate for now and wait to see what will happen.

Note 1: This is not the first time the name of the service is changes in 2005 it was MOM, in 2007 RTM/SP1 it was OpsMgr Health Service and in 2007 R2, 2012 and 2012 SP1 it was System Center Management Service.

Note 2: The built-in agent in Service Manager 2012 R2 is also renamed to Microsoft Monitoring Agent in services.msc and Control Panel so if you need to restart Service Manager 2012 R2 health service you have to restart Microsoft Monitoring Agent. The installation folder of the agent is where Service Manager is installed.

4 thoughts on “Where is my System Center Management Service in SC 2012 R2?

  1. Seems to make it easier, but I don’t see it. Must again mean setting different antivirus exclusions and some scripts point to a location for executables as well. Only good thing is that we can still do a net start healthservice because the internal name is still the healthservice.

  2. Microsoft has been planning to integrate more features into a consolidated agent for many years. Initially, when SCOM 2007 R2 was about to come out, this was when the service consolidation was supposed to kickoff. It didn’t happen, and they were left with just a service name change – I guess it was too late for them to circle back on an “oopsie” before releasing to manufacturing. Now they have finally found a way to reach more apps with the single service architecture, since SC had been pulled together under the same suite – which means we now have yet another service name change… Anyway – just a little nugget of info that will only be useful in a trivia contest 🙂

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